About 100 Real People

There are only 100 real people in the world. The rest are cardboard cutouts

"The true artist is driven by the mental act of creation and the physical labour of the process. The final outcome is irrelevant. Artists should never have anything that they need or want to say, leave that to the hacks, priests and philosophers. Art should not pay the bills or make friends or enemies."

The 100 Real People project is based upon two apparently mutually exclusive concepts. Solipsism, taken as the idea that there is only you and everything else is just a figment of your brilliant imagination: and secondly, hylozoism, taken as the the idea that every inanimate object has life and, were such a thing to exist, a soul.

It would appear to the casual observer that these two ideas couldn’t really be much further apart, but in reality, they’re so far apart that they probably join up around the back. Everything in between these two ideas is fair game for the project. The project can encompass anything. The most important thing for me to remember, however, is to question everything and attempt to see things in a way that is fresh and new to me – which necessarily means that things might seem more than a bit odd.

Hylozoism is a pretty neat idea. It works both metaphysically and scientifically. Feeling extreme emotions for your 70′s designer sideboard is now fine, as it could be based upon some real feelings between you rather than just the need to impress your hip neighbours or friends. Likewise the fact that we are all just atoms of stuff – as we were in the beginning, and shall be at the end – means there’s no difference between flesh & blood and this screen, paper or ink.

Solipsism is likewise interesting – albeit something that can seriously mess with your head, if you don’t treat it with a little respect. Sure, now all the shit and bad things in your life are made a little better by the fact that you have just thought them up yourself, however, remember that this means all the good stuff is fake too… It depends upon your demeanor which way the coin falls, even though, of course, you could make it land both ways simultaneously if you wanted it to.